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<p> I have been working with SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language: ISO 8879) since 1986 and XML (eXtensible Markup Language) since 1997. I worked on both the SGML and DSSSL (Document Style Semantics and Specification Language: ISO 10179) ISO working groups.</p>
<p> Currently my main interests are in <ref>XML</ref>, <ref>XSLT</ref> and <ref>XQuery</ref>.</p>
<p> I have a lot of experience with SGML/XML parser technology, SGML/XML configuration management systems and SGML/XML to HTML rendering.</p>
<p> My personal email address is: <email type="home">aidan@xmlworks.co.uk</email> </p>
<p> My work email address is: <email type="work">akillian@wiley.co.uk</email> </p>
<p> I am part of the Online Library team at <ref>John Wiley & Sons</ref> in Ealing, London.
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